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Glam & Gorg
Glam & Gorg
Glam & Gorg
Glam & Gorg

Glam & Gorg

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Create just as much as attention in the room like you do but with our stunning Glam & Gorg package! 

Package includes:

- 2.4m Shimmer Wall + Square Mesh Frame

- 3m - 3.5m Bespoke Balloon Garland 

- Any of our neon range select OR custom signage 

We will deliver, set up & collect this package taking the stress & ease off event planning for you!($55 within Hamilton areas. For other areas delivery & collection fee will reflect this.)

Shimmer Wall colours to choose from: Holographic Gold, Holographic Silver, Satin Rose &/or Metallic Black.

Balloon Garland will consist of up to your choice of 3 balloon colours. Balloon garland sizes will consist of 5”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 24” where feasible. We can incorporate foil balloons & jumbo balloons but will come @ extra cost. 

Package does not include other decorations seen in example photos. 

As we are Hamilton based, this package must be delivered within Hamilton or close areas to Hamilton.